TIPS: To Receive or Not to?

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17 Jul 2016 - General

"Ma'am do you accept tips in here?" (trying to open her wallet), one of my patient approached me in the station yesterday. Of course everybody love tips. It's a sign of appreciation for the good service the health care personnel has provided. 

In our hospital setting, there was a Memorandum passed all over the stations about not receiving tips most especially in a form of monetary value. We do really refuse accepting these items all the time however in some cases, there are folks and patients that insist of giving their token in a form of food and sometimes money.

I'd like to share this one situation I had encountered during one of my shifts. A housekeeping personnel was cleaning one of the suite rooms of a VIP patient, after doing so the patient has given him an amount to compliment him for a job well done. After a while, the patient complained that there was a personnel who instructed her to give out her money to him. So the attention of the involved has been called out to apologize to the patient and return back the money. Of course it has reached to the upper body of the administration of having this kind of incident.

Do you also encounter these kind of situation in your setting? How do you handle and respond to this, any thoughts?

I get a lot of food and small tokens from patients, especially when I just completed a long case and the patient/companion assumes I'm already starving, food is almost automatic. Money tips, in private practice, is not common---but there are times when a patient would slip something to my assistant as a simple thank you and I've taught her to refuse but to receive it graciously if the patient insists. When I was working as a dental associate before, we would often receive tips from patie...
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I have not really encountered this before. On one side, I feel that rejecting this practice is great as it will prevent tip seeking behavior (as stated by Dr Zhiwei), differences in service between the rich and poor etc. On another, I have worked for long years in the FnB industry where tips are accepted, I can feel the motivation levels changes with the provision of tips. For motivation to be sustained, they have to have a easily perceived linked between the action and the reward. By using the ...
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I think it should not be allowed. If allowed it will create a culture of tip seeking behaviour and conflicting standard of care depending on the expected return in tips. Healthcare should be as much as possible equal and non discriminating. She may only be a housekeeping personnel but she is a representative of the hospital and her behaviour is reflective on the image of the healthcare staffs. Any outstanding service should be rewarded in the form of written compliment to the administrator and i...
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This is fairly common in the healthcare profession. Perhaps because patients know that we are overworked and underpaid! Personally, I do not accept monetary tokens of appreciation and I decline invitations from patients to dine out. Even though I know our patients mean well and they just want to express gratitude, accepting such can be misinterpreted by other professionals. It's better to avoid being misinterpreted rather than to ruin one's reputation which you have worked so hard for. A...
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@ Priscilla, yes I do encountered a few times before, that I refuse to accept on all occasion. I would say the healthcare settling or practice varies from country to country, from place to place. But in general, I would refuse to accept any monetary tips as a token of appreciation from patients. I know sometime is very difficult to turn down, if they are really insist of doing so, but I will let them know that this is my personal principle of not accepting. I will only accept a simple “Thank ...
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