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17 Jul 2016 - General

An AI robot has tried to "escape" from a Russian research laboratory, for the second time! A few weeks ago the robot has made its first, and I would say successful, attempt at escaping the facility when it managed to find its way past the door that had left open all the way into the streets. After the incidence the scientists have done an extensive system analysis and reprogramming to prevent another similar event, but despite their effort the fellow has tried to escape again! The robot is designed to roam around, engage with people and promote products. He is probably either too keen on starting his first job, or want to flee away and find a new boss!
Here's the link to the full article on ScienceAlert.

I find that our use of technology has been inappropriate and redundant in many aspects. Take for example, the use of automatic unicycle for perfectly health individual to travel around. It is astounding to note that post amputee were hoping to be able to walk on their feet and healthy individual are trying not to use theirs. Use of AI robot to take care of elderly is also inappropriate. It dissuades children from visiting their elderly and showing more concern to them. HUman to human interaction...
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I also read the fact that it is believed that the initial escape attempt was staged by the scientists themselves to get some public attention. Who would leave the door of a high tech robot research facility open! But the second attempt seemingly have cost them a lot. They are planning to shutdown this robot and discontinue it from going into production and commercial use. An intelligent robot companion is nice but people don't want a machine that can bring a lot of trouble than help. In ligh...
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Could be a publicity stunt, true, but then again... scientists are programming robots to learn and "make decisions", you cannot just dismiss the possibility of AI to eventually deem our own skills useless. Technology does that, and the speed of development nowadays is much too quick, it's often hard to cope. Sometimes I do wonder about this... the modern world is made many human activities and functions obsolete, what are we trying to achieve, really? I mean, yes it improves lives ...
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There are rumor this was done on purpose to gain publicity before their product launch. Indeed when AI robot started beating our chess grandmaster, self driven car started production, advent of smart home where everything is centrally controlled by a computer allowing human remote control using his smart phone and automation of work processes, it is indeed a concern to human. When do we cease to be human and evolve socially to be a humanoid where our existence and that of AI have a symbiotic rel...
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