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18 Jul 2016 - General

In Singapore, all non dermatologist are required to attend certified workshop and past a test at the workshop to be eligible for certificate of competence to practise certain aestheitic procedure. In the past I have attended the workshop conducted by top dermatologists in Singapore. If anyone is interested, below are the listing for the workshop. Most are over but if you are keen, you can still attend the workshop on Botulimium toxin , dermal fillers, vascular lasers and nonsugical skin tightening. The URL is: Each course is SGD$500.

13th Mar 8.30 am: BTX for Aesthetic Applications
13th Mar 1.30 pm: Dermal Fillers
17th Apr 8.30 am: Lasers and IPL Assisted Hair Removal
17th Apr 1.30 pm: Chemical Peels
08th May 8.30 am: Pigment Lasers 
08th May 1.30 pm: Intense Pulsed Light-Skin Rejuvenation
26th Jun 8.30 pm: Ablative Lasers
26th Jun 1.30 pm: Fractional Photothermolysis 
24th Jul 8.30 am: BTX for Aesthetic Applications
24th Jul 1.30 pm: Dermal Fillers
28th Aug 8.30 am: Use of Laser and IPL for Vascular Disorders
28th Aug 1.30pm: Non surgical Skin Tightening Devices


Ya I attended all. The workshops are very intensive and overwhelming. The speakers are the former head of National Skin center and several top aesthetic dermatologist in Singapore. They are all conducted at National Skin Center. Right after the series of lecture, you have to complete 100 true and false questions. They will bring you around to try out the various laser machine, show you how to do various method of fillers and botulinium toxin injection on real patients. I will strongly recommend ...
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