10 days of absolutely no food: The KEN diet

10 days of absolutely no food: The KEN diet

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Here is one of the newest in the diet fad continuum: one that involves insertion of tube onto the nostril to ‘drip’ liquid into the stomach for ten continuous days with absolutely no food consumption, the KEN diet.
18 Jul 2016 - General
The Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet involves dieters being drip fed a protein based solution 24-hours-a-day.
Those behind the diet promise those who undertake it will lose between 7 to 10 per cent of their body weight if they follow the plan for 10 days.It works by forcing the body to go into a ketogenic state, which it does when in starvation mode, and start to break down its own fat stores to use for energy – which it is not getting from food. Dieters will have to have the nasal tube in f...
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It is shocking that people are electing to have naso-gastric tubes inserted in order to lose weight, usually reserved to treat sick or chronically ill people. Where is the fibre? Not only that but one of the side effects is having to take laxatives because this diet provides absolutely no fibre. Side effects of naso-gastric tubes can include damage to the oesophagus, if inserted incorrectly, as well as aspiration pneumonia. Starving the body of carbohydrates but not protein caused it to burn fat...
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Theoretically, this can actually work but there should be a stringent criteria for candidate selection. However, this is very impractical and is most likely subject to rebound weight gain. Since this is a controlled artificial diet, I'm sure patients are well monitored because ketogenic diet can have adverse effects on other organs such as the kidney. Despite the evidence that it promises 10 percent weight loss, I wonder if this can be maintained for a long time since after 10 days they will...
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I don't know what to say. I mean i have been in a state of no food for a few days at sea, but not for this long. Its kind of torturous. I this to slim down of losing weight, it is only best that you do it the natural way of exercising. Well, basically because by exercising it burns your fats and also keeps your internal organs healthy at the same time. While dieting should tag along with the exercise. Instead of starvation. In summary i think this is crazy, insane and revolting. If you are ...
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Oh my! This is absolutely bizarre! I mean how desperate can one get to staying sexy and losing weight, to allow themselves to be subjected to this---a tube onto the nostril? We all know that "starvation" is never a good method for weightloss. 260 calories per day? Losing weight this fast is never safe. It will work, of course it would, but the article did not mention what happens after 10 days when they start eating again. We all know that starvation will lower down metabolic rate, ...
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