Social media: Bad influence on children

Social media: Bad influence on children

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Social media sites play a substantial role in the moral development of children, with the potential negative impact of sites such as Facebook worrying most of the parents in UK, according to the results of a survey.
18 Jul 2016 - General
Since the Media is fact almost unavoidable, parents can communicate their personal feelings about undesirable programs both by discouraging their children from watching them and by
writing to their local television station or to the program‟s sponsors. The public does have a
voice. Clearly, not all programs need please everybody. They should also most of the time
assist their children, follow their activities (through th...
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Social media has negative effects in general because of the lack of content credibility and censorship. This is worse for a young child because their brains acts like a sponge, absorbing everything they are exposed to. Since parents can only provide limited supervision, I think the most practical thing to do is not to allow them to have their own social media accounts until they reach the age of 12. Why 12? I chose this age group because at this point, children beginning to transition into earl...
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Yes I agree with Dr Maria that social media has more negative influence than positive influence on children but I find it almost impossible to block my child from social media. However, I will have to teach her about social media safety, install child lock on her computer and allow her only to serve the net in front of me. Prohibiting your child from social media may only increase her curiosity on it and with everyone talking about youtube , facebook almost everywhere, how is she not going to ex...
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First things first, I believe that parents hold the biggest influence on the development of their children. Now, if I were a parent in this day, I would probably restrict SOCIAL MEDIA presence of my child up to a certain age. I was going to say 16 years old, but I heard that many schools and teachers maintain FACEBOOK GROUPS and such, to keep in touch with students and disseminate information such as curriculum, home works, projects and so forth. You cannot restrict them from being on FB if it i...
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