5 Tips for eating healthy on holidays

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19 Jul 2018 - General

Ah, the holiday! The only time of the year when we let our guards down. With endless food options on our platter while losing or maintaining weight goes out of the window. And when overeating gets happily replaced by ‘holiday weight.’

But do holidays really have to mean weight gain? What if we suggest that you can have fun, fill yourself up (with the best treats) and yet maintain your shape? Trainers at Fit O’ Clock, one of the best gym in Jaipursays so.

Here are five healthy tips customized by fitness trainers to plan your holidays while maintaining the uber-cool spirit.

1. Start off those lip-smacking sessions with soup

As you are in for some serious food commitments ahead of you, why not start with a warm-up session? And what better than… Soup – A bowl of hot soup as your first course.

We mean broth-based and not those creamy savories. You get a twofold advantage here. First, it is healthy and second, it will fill you up. (No overeating!)

2. It’s ok to eye for the smaller plates

Grab a salad or dessert plate as you plan your descend towards the main course and use a teaspoon to serve yourself. Because most of the time what looks like a normal portion may be wickedly huge.

According to dieticians at Fit O’ Clock’s (gym in Raja Park), you end up eating 60 percent more when you use bigger bowl versus the smaller ones.

3. Eat what you love but wait before grabbing seconds

Most dieticians give you the liberty to treat yourself with everything that you love when you are on a break. But they also ask you to skip food you are not much into. Try to be picky.

The quicker we eat, the less time we give our body to conclude that it is full. Therefore, go for a walk or simply involved in a discussion for a while before helping with seconds.

4. Avoid the white stuff. Alternate between water and alcohol

Take it easy on crabs. Avoid white bread and refined sugars. And dig for starchy foods, such as legumes, potatoes, corn, and whole grains instead. Eat lots of healthy proteins (there will be plenty of healthy options).

When it comes to quenching your thirst, fitness trainer at Fit O’ Clock (best gym in Jaipur) wants you to keep alternating between water and alcohol. Choose tall and thin glass over the short, squatty ones. While water will keep you hydrated, and liquor will keep you content.

5. Enjoy your dessert… but to an extent

There will be endless assortments of sweets, cakes, cookies, pies, and ice cream. Have some, not all. But, if you are a sweet tooth and want to taste each of them, have smaller portions of each. 


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Here are a few complimentary tips

• Wear clothes that do not expand. Otherwise, you will get comfortable and end up overeating. If your belt buckle gets tighter with the night, it is a sign that you take it slow or probably go for a walk.

• Just because you are on holiday, do not compromise with your sleep. Because, as the night progresses you will end up eating more mindlessly.

• When you are finally full, pop a mint in your mouth. It will curb you will to eat more.

Note: You are on holiday and want to relax. Therefore, do not beat yourself up if things do not work out as you planned. But, then again do not be too careless with your eating habits.