Health Benefits of Using a Bidet

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24 Jul 2018 - General

Nowadays, bidets are used all around the world. Basically, they became a necessity. They are not only practical for both men and women, but they are also very easy to use, inexpensive, and easy to install. Apart from the fact that bidet is providing you with a better hygiene, it can save you a lot of money and save the environment. Maybe the most important thing is that it is very healthy for you. Here you can read about some health benefits and facts which can help you decide to use a bidet in the future.

So fresh, so clean

It is very important to feel clean and fresh all the time, is that right? Well, quality bidets toilet seats accommodate you exactly with this. Doctors keep emphasizing how personal hygiene is important as it affects your health. Wiping leaves the perianal area irritated and sore, so washing is one of the most comfortable solutions. You can always use mild soap and feel heavenly clean afterwards, like a baby. A meticulous personal hygiene can help you go through the day much more easily and give you a confidence boost you need to get things done.

Silent treatment from your stomach

People with constipation will find bidets very helpful since their relaxing and soothing effect can ease the process. Bidet toilet seats are comfortable and mild water stream helps stimulate the bowel movement. If your bowels are giving you a hard time, you know how painful it can be to go through regular daily routines. Not only it is very painful but it can lead to other health issues such as hemorrhoids. However, bidets are particularly convenient for those people since water gives relief and keeps the area very spic-and-span. All those medicines in the form of creams and lubricants are very awkward to use and usually very uncomfortable to apply. A superb way to eliminate itching and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids is to maintain a decent hygiene. When perianal tissue is swollen and inflamed, warm water flowing from the bidet will be one of the best relievers.

Feminine hygiene

When it comes to ladies, it goes without saying that all of them are very dedicated to their personal hygiene. Ladies suffering from common vaginal infections should most definitely use bidets since infections require a speckles hygiene. When using a bidet, a woman can easily reach her vaginal area, so keeping speckles cleanness is a breeze. Pregnant women will be very content with bidets in their bathrooms, too. Pregnancy is a very delicate state and women should be as twice as careful when it comes to their intimate hygiene. Although you might think otherwise, a growing belly does not present a problem for using bidets. On the other hand, women who recently gave birth usually have incisions called episiotomy and it can be very dangerous if perineum area is not kept very clean. Since a lot of women have stitches after the pregnancy, toilet paper is not recommended, and this is the time when bidet comes in super handy. With warm water and mild intimate soap, you will easily maintain hygiene and soothe any discomfort you might be experiencing.  

Stubborn urinary tract infections

A bladder or urethra infections can be very uncomfortable and painful. They increase the likelihood of the development of kidney stones and can cause serious urinary tract problems. Doctors often warn us that using a toilet paper can spread fecal bacteria towards the urethral opening, thus contaminating the area, which further triggers urinary tract infection. Fresh, clean water from a bidet is a perfect yet practical preventive measure since it allows you to rinse off fecal bacteria with ease and prevents them from reaching the sensitive urinary tract. To illustrate this, in countries where bidets are commonly used on a daily basis, urinary infections are reduced to a minimum.

Elders and disabled ones

As years go by, our bodies change and we are no longer able to complete some tasks on our own. This is inevitable in every normal life circle, but it doesn’t mean that one cannot have some privacy to complete the most intimate tasks. Bidets are very useful and comfortable for the elderly as they make the wiping much easier. People with disabilities will also find bidets heavenly given their practicality and hands-off features. Persons with disabilities will have more confidence in themselves and feel much more happy and proud of them when they manage to complete personal hygiene tasks on their own.

As a result, there’s no doubt that bidet toilet seats are a clever choice from both environmental and health perspective. Bidets give you comfort and provide you with a great amount of security and self-confidence. Also, they accommodate you with solutions for some small, irritating problems caused by poor hygiene. They are definitely worth a try.