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Simple Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

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30 Jul 2018 - General

All of you who ever tried to lose weight are familiar with the question - what am I doing wrong? Or, what could I change? Going on a diet or exercising is simply not enough if it’s not well organised. Random avoidance of sweets, occasional workout and regular complaining about the situation won’t help for sure.

As with all the other endeavours we wish to succeed in, losing weight requires following some basic principles and roles. Here are some nutrition tips that may help you lose weight.


Create negative energy balance

The most logical aspect of losing weight is very mathematical - you need to spend more than your intake. This is called a negative energy balance and it can be created in two ways. First way is increasing your exercise intensity, and the other one is lowering your nutrition intake. Finding the middle between these two would be the most effective way. Changing your nutritional habits drastically is not that healthy, neither is exercising five times a week. So, balance is important in all aspects. Tracking the calories can be of a great use here, since every nutrition has a certain number of calories, and there are measurable calorie loss exercises you can conduct.


Don’t give into cravings

Once you have established your recommended calorie intake, you should mind your food cravings. It is normal to happen to everyone, but in most of the cases, our cravings are trying to tell us something. This is usually a lack of some vitamins and minerals in our body. For example, it is a whole different thing to have cravings for chips and cheese or for chocolate and ice cream. See what those cravings mean ad figure the alternative and the most healthy way to complement your cravings. If you are already taking supplements, this will direct you in what actual vitamins and minerals your body lacks.

Create balanced portions

Smaller portions don’t always have to leave you hungry. There are established amounts of every food that are sufficient for a meal. For example, pasta should be the size of your fist and the meat portion shouldn’t be larger than a stack of cards. To complement this, you can increase the veggies and salad portions, since they are not that caloric and there is no harm in eating a whole ball of salad. On the other hand, this doesn’t completely apply to starchy veggies such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and beans.


Eat slowly

Eating slowly will prevent you from overeating or from eating too much. If will also allow your stomach to process the food better since you are giving it more time between bites. If you are finding this hard to happen, especially when you are hungry, try having an appetizer. This will make a buffer zone between your hunger and your food, making you less hungry but not that full. You can have a bowl of warm soup or a fresh salad before your meal to help you eat slower and less.


Skip dessert

Desserts are taking a huge part of your calorie intake without you even realizing it. Especially if they are coming between the meals as a snack. You don’t need to avoid sugar and sweets completely, since you will have serious cravings for sure. But you can always opt for a healthier solution. If fruit salad is not enough of a desert, try having a protein mug cake or some other healthy protein dessert alternative. It may surprise how delicious healthy options can be.


Here are some of the super delicious healthy desserts:

  • protein cakes

  • frozen fruit cups

  • homemade fruit popsicle

  • chocolate chips protein bars

  • frozen yoghurt


However, if you are prone to cheating, then allow yourself a treat once a week. By allowing yourself one ice-cream or piece of cake per week, you will be in a better position to control yourself when those cravings come along.


Mind your drinking

Did you ever bother to check on how many calories there are in different types of alcohol? Probably not. And not to mention artificially flavoured sodas and coffee stack with sugar and milk. Switching from beer and cocktails to a classy glass of wine or not that classy but low-calorie vodka can really lower your calorie intake. More than anything, water is always the best drink for hydrating and short-time lowering your appetite.


There are many tips on how to lose weight, so make sure you have ones you really like and are likely to stick to. Don’t be harsh to yourself since introducing habit can take a long time, but it pays off. Combining these tips with proper and regular exercise will help you achieve your weight goal and maintain it for a long time.