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2 Aug 2018 - General

Are you wondering from where can you get online essay editing and Proofreading service? If yes, then you are in the right place.

What Types Of Errors Do Our Essay Editors and Paper Editors Provide Service For?

Due to the careless mistakes on your part, the essay fails to fetch the deserved marks. This is precisely what makes proofreading an essential part of the process involved in essay writing.

Here are the types and sorts of mistakes that we trace and rectify while editing your essays.

1. Spelling and Grammar

While proofreading an essay, the most common mistakes involve using the wrong tense you should check for tense and voice while writing sentences

2. Style and Tone

The biggest mistake that most students make while writing is including both the patterns of US and UK English language in their essays.

3. Format and Structure

We check for inconsistencies in your essay relating to the format you have used for it. We also make sure that the content that you have written by essay writer is relevant.

4. Reference and Authenticity

We are aware of the fact that professors always appreciate a well-referenced essay assignment. So we make sure that your essay has credible reference sources and the hyperlinks provided in between your writings are valid or not.

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