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5 Health Benefits of Keeping Your Home Spotless

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14 Aug 2018 - General

Not to sound like your parents, but a clean room is a healthy room. Most of us have driven our parents crazy during our teen years with our unkempt ways, and strangely enough, our excuse of “why make my bed when it’s just going to get messy again” didn’t make much of a difference. Now that we’re adults, we’re usually a lot better at dealing with clutter, but it can still present a problem. This is especially true when we’re tired and putting everything back in its place just seems like an unnecessary hassle. However, cleanliness is actually really good for both our mental and physical health, and staying on top of all your chores can help you lead a better life. Interested in what kind of benefits it all brings? Then read on.

No more invisible health hazards

Dust, grime, and bacteria can settle into carpets, furniture, and various surfaces in your home, and it’s basically a secret health hazard that can make it more difficult to breathe. Not to mention that it can exacerbate any respiratory condition and worsen your allergies, and it can also cause headaches. Even though you may not see all the bacteria and dirt, it’s still there, in the places you never remember to clean, like air-conditioning units. While there’s no need to be obsessively tidy, cleaning regularly on your own and hiring a professional cleaner once a year is a good idea.

You’ll be less likely to get injured

If there is clutter at every corner, chances are that you’ll trip or stub your toe sometimes soon. However, it’s not just about things lying around on the floor, it’s about all those things you’ve been promising to repair for ages, like the cracked pavement on your porch, or the loose shelf in your kitchen. Putting things away and making sure they are in their place minimizes the chance of you ending up with a broken leg when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

It can soothe your mind

A clean room is a soothing sight for our eyes, and those who are suffering from anxiety or simply feel stressed will be much more comforted if they spend their time in a neat place. There’s also something very calming about the process of tidying up itself – it’s almost like you’re taking control and putting your life back together. There’s a lot a person can do with some free time and good quality cleaning products on their hands, and if you’re tense and anxious it could be a good way to calm yourself down. Get an all-purpose cleaner, get a cloth, and start wiping down that dust until it’s all sparkly. A neat room will also allow you to rearrange it more easily and then you can bring in a few decorative pillows and make it a much nicer place to be in.

It helps your social life

While our close friends rarely care much about how our house looks like, most of us still feel a little embarrassed when inviting someone over and having them see all that mess. You’ll be a lot more comfortable inviting people into a neat, well-organized space that you’ve decorated with a personal touch, and your social life will improve if you can entertain guests in your own home.

It makes you more productive

Chaos makes us unfocused and a little lost, so if you want to get really organized it’s time to tidy up. When things are in their place and everything is clean, fresh, and shiny, it’s a lot easier to sit down and get some work done and generally be more productive.


You and your family will be a lot healthier if you keep your home clean, especially if you have small children who are still growing, developing immune systems, and learning all about good habits. Grab your mop, put your headphones on, and get some work done!