14 Imperative Ways to Style your Website More Effective in 2018

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25 Sep 2018 - General

A website is the face of your business and the most important tool for attracting new customers. Therefore, it is necessary for you to interest the visitor from the first seconds and engage all customers on the page. However, this could only be possible if you use the latest web designs expertise. Moreover, to start a steady flow of visitors and easily converting them into regular customers you need to implement on these essential 14 website design instructions to update your business profile in 2018:

1. Connect a robotic answering system to the chatroom

A few years ago, it seemed like science fiction, now it's a harsh reality to set up an auto online chat. Moreover, it is not just because it's one of the foremost trends but it also supports to establish the communication with new and old customers. Although, in recent ere there are many sellers, purchasers and different customer demands, so, if you do not receive a quick response, visitors will leave and they will forget you. If you connect a smart answering machine, employees will not need the network all day. The customer receives all the necessary information and can even make night shopping.

2. try to create a mobile version

Today, web designing has created a revolution in the market therefore, adaption of new tactic is better for business. Therefore, first create a mobile version and then run the full website, ideally, all important items should be displayed on the phone screen. After all, the full version on the phone often does not seem representative and it’s an abbreviature as well. Hence, you've heard many times that your site needs to be set up for mobile devices. And the statistics confirm it:

v 86% of users prefer to buy through Internet access over the phone

v 65% of people prefer immediate answers to questions with a smartphone.

3. Use the accurate fonts in your website

The fonts are indicated as design elements. They even replace the photo. Remember that on the screen of a mobile phone, sometimes important details of the image should be viewed under a small mobile screen. Although, you need to use correct font style and size so the text can fit perfectly into any screen. Write the words horizontally and vertically so that your site is highlighted on several similar sites. But do not overdo it, and follow these simple tips as well:

v it is better to choose easy fonts that can disassemble

v Do not use more than three types of styles on a single web page

v Pay attention to the fonts from the competitor’s sites.

Another trend is the use of bold uppercase letters in the side menu. As a result, all listings appear standardized. They are easy to read and understand. The key point here is to try to make the articles short that are represented on your page.

4. Use bright colours

The pure white design has long been popular. And it's a good decision that does not lose value. But if you want to get attention, use colours and pastel shades. They come back in advance fashion. Follow these three vital tenets and remember to not overload your site, and make it more convenient for visitors by ensuing these aspects:

v Respect the measurements by using maximum 2 colours or 1 gradient.

v Use the colours of your brand to make the site easily recognizable by regular customers.

v Call the action button should be displayed in contrast for visitors.

5. Do modifications for the visitors

Today you can find information about potential customers. Set up the analytics (for example, Google Analytics) and edit your site for the user. You can provide several platforms to customers as per their current needs not only one page is enough. However, output particular blocks or menu items, depending on your visitor’s choice.

6. Do it as a quick download of the site

The account was transmitted to the second. A long page load can force potential customers to close the site. Your job is to save them from going away. Therefore, choosing between design and speed, it is better to go for speed and create visibility for fast loading for visitors. You can see progress in% or use a "skeletal" structure when loading the page in several steps. The blur blocks are first drawn and then the sharpness is displayed. Visitors see that progress is over and they are not rushing to close the page. Check the effectiveness of your solution. So, go to other gadgets and see how you download the site.

7. Add animation to your website

Photography is an image in which only a particular part of the image moves. Now, these photos are in a trend because they are simple and effective. Use them in the header of your website to catch the attention of new visitors. Also add a discreet animation to the call button of the action. This will be easier for visitors to notice and click. However, that's the main goal of your website, so go for it.

8. Use the video

Many visitors love everything to watch through videos. Therefore, this option could be dynamic, interesting and inspire confidence for your business. Therefore, show your customers in all with their magnificence. Add a personalization website. This way you can increase the traffic and increase the conversion. Make the video so large in full screen format that visitors cannot distract from it or add a brief call to action. Add social media buttons at the bottom so visitors can promote your website by sharing interesting videos. However, the video helps to display the product in the best possible way. After seeing the products in action, the customer lights up the greed to buy.

9. Edit the pop-up message

Have you seen the page without pop-up messages for a long time? Yes, pop ups annoy and sometimes irritate everyone. But they work. This year, however, they are waiting for changes. The trend will add value without asking any details in return. Until now, the main purpose of the pop-up window was to receive visitor contact information and log in with additional actions to purchase. Now he assumes the function of sales manager. Therefore, we offer the visitor a discount, a free delivery or an interesting gift. Give him a good reason to accept your offer here and now until he closes your page and looks for other options.

10. Add the "About us" page on your website

To continuously occupy command position and appears more and more on landings or if you want to bring more visitors to your main pages, thus, you need to include the “about us” page on your site. However, the “about us” page increases your confidence in you and your brand image in the market. Moreover, you need to choose one of two options for including in your “about us” page:

v The list of your customers which shows that you really win their loyalty and retention

v Media List (online and offline) always add a company logo and a link to an article or video.

11. Lock the page menu while scrolling

In general, do not limit your imagination and note the information that should remain visible to your readers when you scroll down the page. So, it will be implemented on your blog such as (we are advertising for the next big event) as soon as the menu of the page ends, the banner will appear and blocked at the top. It cannot be just a menu, but for example:

v list of the latest or best products / services

v banner with the upcoming event

v Registration for news.

12. Usage of the flat icons

Instead of a simple, familiar list, add a symbol to each item. This is one of the latest trends that is elegant, simple and intuitive. Order photos from the designer or visit the website of others. Add product benefits or an icon training program. The main rule is that there are no trivial points. Especially if you talk about profits. Find your differences and add them with the most appropriate icons.

13. An appropriate view on the narrow screen

We live in a world of contrasts. And your website may seem like to be viewed from a narrow screen of a mobile phone and a big screen of a desktop. And here and there it should look perfect. How can this be achieved? Set the maximum width of the site around 700-800 pixels. This allows you to control the appearance of the page on different monitors. And even on a screen of 2000 pixels, your content will not look blur ever.

14. Avoid using of random and fake pictures

The random and fake images are beautiful but not real. They do not reflect you and your brand. They are faceless and foreign. Visitors are tired of beautiful girls and boys who smile because they are too perfect and brilliant displayed on all websites.

v Start filming for your business such as personal photos, even if they are not of perfect quality, cause a greater response from visitors than others.

v Order or create an illustration which is individual, and you can be sure that such an image does not appear on the pages of your competitors.

v Create your own collages or scrumptious graphics because it's much better than the "standard" girl behind the computer screen.

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