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6 Essential Healthy Living Habits

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27 Sep 2018 - General

Sometimes, when things get a bit messier or more chaotic in our life, a slight push in the right direction and solid advice can really be helpful in getting to a healthier, calmer place. Here are some of the most essential habits to (re)acquire to get to that place.

Solid sleep routine

If you already haven’t done so, it’s high time you worked on improving your sleep habits. People often let things like work get in their way of getting enough sleep, downplaying its indeed immense importance to our overall wellbeing. First of all, getting insufficient amounts of sleep can further worsen an existing illness or condition. It can affect your mood strongly, you become more irritable, less able to cope with or handle stressful situations successfully, it becomes more difficult to maintain your concentration, it affects your skin negatively, and it can even interfere with hormone production, immune system, body weight, and possibly with blood pressure. So, make sure you go to bed more or less at the same time every night and get no less than seven hours of sleep.   

Proper hydration

Don’t wait to start noticing signs of dehydration to start drinking as much water as your body needs. Proper hydration has multiple benefits. It helps you flush various toxins out of your body, it contributes to keeping your skin hydrated and nourished, it helps you lose weight, it distributes nutrients to different parts of the body, allows kidneys to stay healthier, keeps illnesses and diseases at bay, improves your mood, and so on and so forth. So, no matter what your lifestyle is like and how easy or difficult it may be for you to remain properly hydrated throughout the day, you should figure out a way to tend to this basic need of your body. A lot of people who are simply too busy to go buy bottled water during the day, make up for that by using the best water bottle made of safe materials, which they fill with tap water and have with them wherever they go.   

Nutrient-rich diet

It’s a piece of advice given over a million times already, but it can’t hurt to repeat it: be careful when it comes to what you put into your body. Control your desire for sugar-loaded foods, greasy and salty snacks like potato chips, fast foods like pizza, hamburgers. Your aim should be to keep such harmful food away from your nutrition as far as possible. Same thing goes for sugary drinks like coke, and alcoholic beverages.

Explore a bit more the art of cooking by looking for recipes that show you how to prepare healthy meals which are not too demanding or time-consuming. Turn to vegetables, fruit, fish such as salmon, whole grains, yoghurt, eggs, and so on.


Modern life is truly growing ever more dynamic, and the level of responsibility an average adult carries on their shoulders is high. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect other important aspects of your life such as socialization, hobbies, and so on. Going out with your friends, talking, engaging in entertaining or relaxing activities is a great way of letting go of the tension or stress that piles up during the day. Not only that, it strengthens your relationships with the people you truly care about and love, it helps you remain connected to them.


Besides socializing, as said, one shouldn’t ignore the things they really enjoy doing. Setting aside time for your hobbies and activities that make you feel you are of great significance in feeling like a fulfilled individual. Also, hobbies help you tune out in a way, push all the worry and the thousands of annoying everyday obligations and requests in the background and lets you be fully present in the ongoing moment, a moment nobody’s taking away from you.

Tend to your psyche

Whenever there is something troubling you and you notice that your mental health is being compromised, address that issue right away. Talk to your friends and family, ask them for advice, support and help if you need it. Additionally, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional, like a counselor or a psychotherapist—they can help you figure out what exactly is troubling you and how to cope with it.  

Whenever you recognize room for improvement in your lifestyle, try to think of the best way to achieve it. The effort is bound to pay off.