Does a New Website Rank Better in Google?

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2 Nov 2018 - General

A new website definitely has the chance to rank well in Google specifically because it is new. This is not to say that it is permanently the case. There are a lot of ranking factors to reflect.

Google likes new possessions and new content. Just launching an efficient site signals to Google that there is new info. Their algorithm gives favorite to this signal, basing this preference on the impression that all previously adjusted content and other on-site optimization have been engaged or even improved.

Quite often, a corporate will relaunch a website and see its ranking as well as its traffic drop. This is due to the exertion being put into the design and not rather technical, such as 301 redirects being achieved. We all want to launch a new countless looking website, but we shouldn’t ignore the practical elements of SEO in the process. For more information visit our website