Controversial Topics for an Essay: When You Don't Know Where To Start

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14 Nov 2018 - General

To write a controversial essay is not an easy task, especially for beginners. This is a paper that you can’t write in 5 minutes just by doing someone’s plan. This is what you need to solve yourself, adapting it to the task.

For example, if a teacher assigns an argument document, you can choose controversial essay topics to help improve your arguments. Here's how to access higher classes. Ideally, you should choose these topics as often as possible, as this demonstrates maturity due to its ability to handle a particularly sensitive set of problems.


What is controversial essay

Controversial doesn't necessarily mean something is offensive. It simply refers to taking a point of view which isn't necessarily shared by the majority. 

An example of this is people who choose pro-choice in the abortion debate over pro-life, and vice-versa in many areas of the world. You need to tackle these topics with a great deal of tact to avoid being accused of being downright offensive. 

In an ideal world you would have a great deal of knowledge about your topic prior to starting it to know how best to take control of such fragile subject matter. 

If you are confused and do not know where to start, the authors of can always give advice and tell you how to improve your essay.


Controversial essay topics for college students

Here are 48 controversial essay topics to use if you are a student:


  1. There should be more female leaders of countries
  2. There is a glass ceiling for women in the workplace
  3. The church should revise its views on abortion
  4. Contraception is not against the teachings of the Catholic Church
  5. Nigerian businessmen are all scam merchants
  6. The Pope is outdated and unnecessary
  7. Freedom of speech is still not genuine in Russia
  8. The EU is a failure
  9. Hybrid cars are a passing fad
  10. No individual needs more than $10 million
  11. There is no such thing as global warming climate change is a natural earth process
  12. People should not live in earthquake zones or near volcanoes
  13. The Indigenous people of Australia have a raw deal
  14. Genetically modified food is the answer to the worlds hunger problems
  15. The Greek economic crisis could have been avoided
  16. Australians produce the worlds greatest sportsmen and women
  17. Children should be home schooled
  18. Religion continues to be the cause of modern world conflict
  19. Australia should relax its immigration laws
  20. The education system fails the less-intelligent
  21. There are untapped resources of fossil fuels
  22. Australia has a rightful claim to Antarctica
  23. Paul Keating should not have been vilified for touching The Queen
  24. Ethnic diversity makes for a lack of national identity
  25. Internet porn is over-rated
  26. Euthanasia should be a personal choice
  27. We will never find a cure for cancer
  28. There is no benefit to Australia being a member of the British Commonwealth
  29. George W Bush was a good president
  30. Marijuana should not be a banned substance
  31. China rules the world
  32. The allowable level of alcohol in the drink driving law is still too high
  33. Not enough people care about the environment
  34. Communism works for Cuba
  35. More celebrities should use their fame and money for good causes
  36. Tax dodgers should be jailed
  37. Everyone should have free access to their credit scores
  38. Religion has no place in school
  39. Prince Charles will never be King of England
  40. There is no real hope for complete inter-racial integration across the world
  41. Will President Obama make better of his second term?
  42. Loans for small business entrepreneurs should be made easier to obtain
  43. Australian wines are the best in the world
  44. Diminishing seafood stocks arent there plenty more fish in the sea?
  45. Bottled water is an abomination
  46. The Moon Landings were an elaborate hoax
  47. The Hadron-Collider is a complete waste of money
  48. Harry Potter is the greatest ever fictional character