A Guide to Watches at any Age!

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21 Nov 2018 - General

I remember when I was still very young how my mum will dress me up with a cute top, fitted short and have a flashy wristwatch on my wrist. You can’t imagine the big grin on my face right now because I just got to know why I do have the wristwatch on my wrist then.

It wasn’t as though I know how the wristwatch works or how to read the time, and the exciting part is that those wristwatches are just there for fashion and not working. Today, things have changed as you will see young lads with an expensive wristwatch on their wrist.

You wonder if they can read the watch, but you will surely be astonished by what you find out. It shows the world is evolving.  This article aims to center our attention on the guide to watches at any age, but I’m going to have this in three sections to make it quite more comfortable for you.

The three categories are:






Some kids out there love wristwatch, and as a parent, part of our responsibility is to cater for the need of our kids. That means if they like a wristwatch, you have to get them one. Now, the issue is how do I get them the right one that they can easily relate with?

To save yourself the stress of teaching your kids how to read and understand the time especially for the tightly scheduled parents, the best to opt for is the digital type of wristwatch. Your kids can quickly get along with the display of the time of the LED screen on the watch.

It is the best means of teaching your kids time and how to understand what it says. As they grow with time, they will advance and move from digital to an analog wristwatch, but that can’t just happen in a day it has to be the product of constant teachings and training.

On the other hand, to help your kids monitor their fitness level; you can opt for a kid fitness tracker. Some wristwatches come with this added features, so you have to be on the lookout for the one with a tracker to meet your kid need.

On a final note with kid’s watches, it is advisable that you get them the one with a rubber or leather band as they appear lightweight. Also, ensure you get the one with water resistant features because you never can tell; your kids can play around the pool.



There are no youths out there won’t opt for trending wristwatch. Some can go to the length of spending big to appear sophisticated and expensive. All boils down to the point that kids are not choosy while youths are.

On the scale of one to ten percent, only two portions of youths out there will go for a digital wristwatch. Most will choose an analog wristwatch because it adds value to the personality of the person who has it on his or her wrist.

Youths will consider that which is trending. As a result of that, you can hardly see youths this day with a leather band wristwatch. They believe that leather band wristwatch is for the adults and aged. It is why you will always see youths with metal gold wristwatch because they want to appear classy and expensive.



Do you intend buying a wristwatch for your dad or mum to celebrate mother’s day or father’s day, you might need to consider getting them the type they will appreciate and relate with easily. I trust it isn’t a costly assumption to say most adults don’t need a sophisticated wristwatch.

They deserve simple design watches with fewer features. Some will prefer a metal band wristwatch while some will choose leather band because it is lightweight. As regarding which to choose in between analog or digital wristwatch for adults, analog is the best, but it has to come with the entire icons to make it easier for adults and aged ones to read the time.

One of the things you should as well consider when buying a wristwatch for the aged is the screen size of the watch. You need to be sure the screen size is significant, and the numbers are magnified to the point that they can read the time without the need to strain their eyes.

On a final note, your view about this might be entirely different but the fact remains that whenever you want to get a wristwatch for kids from Best Watch Select, youths and adults, you need to consider some specific features such as the design, the style of the watch, the screen of the watch, the price, and extras.  Considering all this will make it easier for you in choosing the best wristwatch.