How To Clean Your Nose?

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21 Nov 2018 - General

Nose congestion or stuffy nose as it’s been called is a condition that tends to affect one's overall well-being. It is caused by a lot of things such as cold, flu and some underlying diseases. To breathe becomes so tricky since the nose is clogged with mucus.

At a point in life, we all experience such a condition, and there are different ways to deal with it. It is imperative that you know it is a condition that affects not just the adult but as well as infants and children.

Infants and children can’t be treated the same way as the adult. It is why you need to take them to the doctor to help oversee the condition and prescribe the best treatment. There are ways to deal with such condition in which some are effective, and some are not.

However, there are things you can do to get rid of a stuffy nose if you find yourself with one.

Take vitamin C

You ask me the correlation between a stuffy nose and vitamin C. The bottom line is that vitamin c tends to ease the condition by ensuring the mucus blocking the airways dry off.

Intake of vitamin c helps to deal with the condition especially those caused cold, fever or flu. You have to take it consistently until you find changes in the situation.


Some people opt for the use of medication to cure the health condition. It might appear to be the right choice but it is not if you do that with your discretion but not with the suggestion of your doctor.

Stuffy nose is another means in which some people react to the drug, and in such a situation, the use of medicine is not advisable, and the best thing is to see a doctor.

Use of mentol/Balm

There is some oral treatment for the condition such as the use of mentol sweet which will clear the airways and free up the clogged nostril. The same will work with the use of balm to rub the nose or one's chest and allow the heat to work on the body system.


Irrigation is another means to clean one's nose through the use or water and salt. However, it is much easier to do with the use of the device called navage nose cleaner.  The device is well designed to work with those battling with a stuffy nose and leave them to a soothing condition.

To use the device is easier the excellent outcome as you have to place your nose on the attached nose knob and press the bottom after all process has been duly observed. After using it, you can then go ahead and blow your nose and clean with a clean cloth. It is one of the effector and safest means to wipe the nose if you are one of those that doesn’t like to use the drug.

Conclusively, cleaning your nose or getting rid of stuffy nose is more comfortable with all that has been listed. You have to find one that works for you. But for a lasting solution, you have to give navage nose cleaner the nod.