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5 Jan 2019 - General

Collecting the Roku requirements

As specified previously, Roku wireless setup will prompt you to enter the prerequisites prior to the advancements. The wireless information such as wireless network name and password are essential credentials.

Connect your desktop and the Roku on the same wireless network. The wireless network name and the password are the significant entities to connect your Roku on a wireless network.

Roku wireless setup

Roku wireless setup always paves way for a better connection. Rather than hooking up on a wired network, wireless networking will assist you to do the trick. There are some Roku streaming players that come without an Ethernet port which makes the wireless connectivity a compulsory one.

A Smartphone will also do the trick for you and any device is with the proper internet is required to create the Roku account. You will get a view of the Roku activation code which you have to enter in the website.

Enter the Roku code on the Roku com link that you typed on the website. While entering the code you may experience issues. If you get an error after entering the code, try getting another code. Click the Star button in your Roku remote to get a new code.