6 Free iPhone Game Apps That Will Challenge Your Brain

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9 Jan 2019 - General

The internet is full of apps that are great for whittling away your commute or lunch break. But sometimes, we need some mental stimulation instead of a mindless action game. If your daily crossword is going nowhere and you’re tired of yelling at the “retry” screen on Angry Birds, try these 6 games if you want to buy ios app installs, that are hard on your mind and easy on your wallet.


Moxie is a gorgeous word game that hides a shocking amount of complexity. The object of the game is to make as many words as possible with the 52 letters supplied. They come up one at a time; put a letter in a box, build up a word, and evolve it. “Moo” turns to “moon” and then “moony,” after which you’ll tear out your hair trying to figure out how to avoid the dreaded Twaddle (a ruined word) while racking up points. It’s a brain-bender for sure.

7 Little Words

7LW is another gorgeous app from the creators of Moxie, and yet another simple mind-breaker. Letters are displayed in nonsensical puzzle pieces, such as “DER” and “UD.” Using these 20 pieces, you must make 7 little words. It sounds easy, but piecing together words from the clues (“squirts out milk”?) is tougher than it looks. 

Sudoku 2

As a Sudoku addict that has tried nearly every app version of the game, I can safely say this is the best Sudoku app out there. It comes with four different designs that suit all tastes, with a pen and a pencil mode to sketch out your plan of attack. This app stands out because it tells you if your number placement is right or wrong instantly. Scores are calculated by time, and with five modes of difficulty, this app could keep you busy for a long time.

Whirly Word

How many words can six letters make? You’d better find out. Spin the wheel of letters to mix it up and help solve the puzzle. You progress to the next whirly level by making a satisfactory amount of words with your six letters.

Zed’s Alchemy

Use air, earth, fire, and water to create all the elements of the world. What sounds like a bad chemistry lesson is an addictive challenge of thinking outside the box. With more than 200 elements to mix together and create, it will take more than basic logic to figure them all out. You’ll find yourself drifting off into space during board meetings, wondering what elements create dinosaurs or beaches.

Cut The Rope!

The aim of this adorable game is to feed little dinosaur-lizard hybrid Om Nom the candy dangling above his head. Every level can be completed easily; however, completing a level perfectly gets you three shiny stars and bragging rights. That alone will entertain even the most avid puzzler.