How You Can Improve Your Health With Life Coaching

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27 Jan 2019 - General

Life coaching involves providing professional assistance to an individual who recognizes the need or desire to change their life positively. It is usually employed when an individual (the “client”) has discovered some aspect(s) of their life they feel is no longer useful or right and wants to change that. These professionals possess some special skills which they offer to assist clients in achieving the positive change they desire and also explore goals and strategies that will be suitable for the client’s transformation. A company or group experiencing growing pains can also benefit from finding a life coach.

Most programs act on the belief that the answers or solutions to a problem a person is facing lies within the individual. However, such a person will benefit more when he/she seeks assistance from an outside perspective to help in identifying the challenge(s) as well as find a solution. This outside perspective can be achieved by seeking assistance from a life coach, an individual trained and skilled to listen.

How to Tell if You Need a Life Coach

If the following questions below rings a bell, then you may want to consider seeking help from a life coach.

  • Do you desire a new life option? Or career path?
  • Do you desire or feel your life should have more meaning or purpose?
  • Do you want more out of your relationship? Or Job?
  • Do you desire you need more vibes or energy in your life?
  • Do you feel trapped or stuck with your method of doing things?

Questions like this are indicators that you need a life transformation, and life coaching can help you achieve that.

How Life Coaching Works

Every positive life transformation starts with the person recognizing the fact that something is missing or incomplete. Or, maybe you are aware, but the techniques you have tried to help yourself is not working or does not last long. Sometimes changing your diet can be helpful but this is not always the case. Either way, one thing is certain, you are ready to change your life.

After discussing your situation with your coach, both of you will now decide if life coaching will be a better option. You and your coach will decide on the number of sessions to have per week or month; these sessions can take place on the telephone or directly in person. The session may last between 45-60 minutes, during this period, the coach listens to the client carefully, asks clarifying questions, reflect on the information provided, and explores potential and positive strategies for the change you desire. You will be given the option to explore what was discussed during the sessions or in between sessions. Doing so helps strengthen the ideas created during the life coaching sessions.

What Life Coaching is Not

Life coaching is not a medical advisement, clinical therapy or psychiatric counseling. It does not teach special nutrition, exercise or health regimens. Life coaching does not dwell with activities that happened in the past. If any of these needs come up, the life coach may recommend the right professional assistance.