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6 Tips to Enjoy Running

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1 Feb 2019 - General

Running is one of the most beneficial habits that you could ever develop. It makes you healthy, good-looking and keeps your mind sharp. Other than this, it helps you gain confidence, improves your mood by relieving stress and, in some cases, is even known to help with depression. The problem with running, nonetheless, is that it’s boring, repetitive and may take some time before the first results start showing. Until then, you might have to trick yourself into running. Here are six methods to help you enjoy running.

Start by walking and take it easy

The first mistake that people often make is setting the bar for their first running session too high, thus getting completely exhausted in the process. Even more likely, they will be unable to finish the route that they’ve envisioned, which will make them demoralized. Needless to say, chances are that there won’t be a second try. In order not to allow for this to happen, what you need to do is start walking every day, then, you need to start speeding up your pace every day. When you finally start running, you need to take it easy and run a bit slower than you think you need to. In this way, your body will get accustomed to this pressure and you’ll have much more enjoyable running sessions.

Don’t run every day

Professional athletes, especially those in endurance sports, tend to run at least five times per week. For you, however, this might be too much. Fortunately, there are other forms of cardio exercise that you should try in order to break the monotony of running. For instance, you could run two days per week and add a day for swimming, cycling and skipping rope. This way, you might even start looking forward to your next running session. Another health benefit of this is the fact that you’ll (passively) work more muscle groups than if you were to just run.

Create a great soundtrack

Probably the most common technique that people use in order to endure the monotony and repetitiveness of running is creating a great soundtrack. Needless to say, running with wireless headphones is more pragmatic and it lowers the chance that you’ll drop your phone or entangle anything. Other than this, you also need to keep in mind that listening to music isn’t your only option. You could also download an audiobook or listen to your favorite podcast. Keep in mind that, while your sense of hearing is occupied, your awareness is somewhat diminished. Therefore, try to tune down the volume and pay a bit more attention to your surroundings.

Set some goals

The first time you run, your performance won’t be impressive. Naturally, you’ll get demoralized, even though you shouldn’t since, let’s face it, doing anything for the first time is hard. After a while, however, you’ll start seeing some results, that is, provided that you endure the rough start. You can use a reliable fitness tracker such as Mi Band 3 to measure your progress and set weekly and monthly goals, it will help you get motivated to try extra hard. The sense of accomplishment that you’ll get from strengthening your body, getting faster and becoming healthier will make you endure.

Download an app

Previously, we talked about measuring progress and setting goals, nonetheless, what if you could simply download an app that can do this for you? Seeing as how this is a feature in demand, the number of these apps is simply amazing and so is the ingenuity behind them. Some of them measure your progress and even allow you to post it on social networks. You should never underestimate the motivating power of getting an opportunity to boast amongst your peers.

Finally, there are some apps that gamify the running process. The most notable example might be the app Zombies, Run! which makes your running sessions feel like a fight for survival. While you run, you hear the noise of zombies chasing you and the more intense the sound of their growling becomes, the faster you have to run in order to evade them.

Eat and drink

In order to become an efficient runner, you need to eat and drink properly. For an early morning run, you could go on an empty stomach, however, if you run later in the day, you definitely shouldn’t run hungry. You need to eat at least 30 minutes before the running session. Afterward, you should get a protein-rich snack for your muscle tissue and some carbohydrates in order to replenish the energy that you’ve just spent. Drinking properly is just as important and, if running in the summertime, you should consider carrying a bottle. No, an energy drink is not a suitable alternative!


The above-listed six methods are there to merely help you get through the initial stage. After a while, as running becomes easier, you become healthier and your physique starts showing this as well, you won’t need any additional motivation. The problem lies in the fact that it takes time for these rewards to start manifesting themselves and until they do, you need to find a way to trick yourself into persevering. Luckily, these six methods are more than effective and, by applying them in the right way, you’ll get the end result that you’ve hoped for from the very start.