Tips for New Managers

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20 Feb 2019 - General

Becoming the new manager can be both threatening and exciting because management is not an easy task even you have thousands of resources, but your knowledge about management can be likely hypothetical, intellectual to gather your team members. Achieve goals and become the part of management it same feel like to jump out of the plane. You suddenly feel responsible for the production and the performance of your team members. But you should have the talent to change the difficult situation into favorable. We know that it takes some time to adjust to a new place. Especially to become the manager first time and it’s easy to get overcome. But don’t forget that you are not alone every person has started from somewhere.


Qualities of a good manager

 Here we discuss the four qualities of a good manager, the best advice you will receive from the experience leaders that how to develop these qualities into your personality by this you can flourish in this achievement.


Good Communicator

Communication has a strong force that can near everything we do as humans, and the vital quality of manger is being a clear communicator. The manager should be clear with their employees, it helps them to understand you and your guidelines. The manager should create a comprehensive culture where every employee can listen to his concern, ideas, and opinions. Use motivational words to encourage them. Communicate your team members about each and everything related to your work task.



Every employee wants to treat with respect, if they don’t believe in themselves and their work makes them different from others in some way then they won't be as motivated. The new manager takes time to know each other, their weakness and strengths and where they need support. You can also use assignments for learning then use your knowledge by guide them and support them. When your team member see that you are putting your efforts to improve work, they will also feel motivated to do better work.



As a manager, you should focus to help your employees in their progress. You should understand your workers on a personal level so you can easily help and boost their interest level towards work. Find out their interest work, identify and remove problems as they perform their best.



The formation of a collaborative environment where everybody feels heard, regarded and esteemed is a key advance for a new manager. Having a group that cooperates sets up an all the more inviting, steady organization culture. As a manager, you can support this by exhibiting energy and inspiration for your work just as exemplifying the organization culture.


The behaviors to avoid  

It is common that new manager can easily adopt bad habits because he is totally unaware about the bad effects of his job so without right guideline and advice he will not achieve the right position in his job. We have some manger behavior point that he should avoid becoming a successful manager.

·          Avoid difficult conversation.

·         Possibly giving input amid execution audits or when issues emerge

·         Micromanaging instead of confiding in your group

·         Neglecting to request or address questions, input or concerns

·         Being shut disapproved to analysis or new thoughts

·         Dodging troublesome yet fundamental discussions

·         Setting desires excessively high or excessively low, or not being clear with your objectives.



To become a manager is not an easy take, in this responsibility you should sacrifice on a lot of things to accomplish your task because you are the only responsible for your team and their performance. So to become a successful manager take time to your team and motivate them toward the work.  


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