Best Deals For Nepal Tour Especially For Religious Tourists

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20 Feb 2019 - General

The culture of Nepal is synonymous with its religious and traditional festivals. Many festivals pertaining to various ethnic groups and religions are celebrated with great zeal and excitement throughout the year. National holidays are declared for the main festivals of minor and major tribal groups of the nation. These festivals are also the best attractions for those people, who love religions. It is really a good place for religious people. If you have a wish to visit Nepal to participate in religious activities, we have a complete Nepal Tour Package for you. Travels2nepal is a complete tour agency in Nepal that offers exclusive packages matching with your demands and budget. Our package is fully affordable and attractive.

Best Religious tour packages at Best deals-


Lhosar is one of the most popular religious days for Tibetan people including Sherpa. It is also known as the first day of New Year. The festival falls during the month of February to march decided according to lunar calendar. The main fair is celebrated for 15 days, first three days being the main days of the celebration. If you want to enjoy this festival, we are offering the best deals for you. You can get best packages with special discounts, if you book your tour before few days of the festival.

 Buddh Jayanti-

 Buddh Jayanti is the birth day of Lord  Buddha that falls on the day of full moon of Baisakah.  Millions of pilgrims, both Buddhist and Hindu are coming from various parts of the world. 

Dalai Lama’s Birthday- Dalai Lama’s Birthday is an anniversary celebrated by Tibtan refugees dwelling around the Baudhanath and various migrant camps of the nation. Prayers pray for the long life and health of his holiness. So we are an ideal tour agency in Nepal that plans Nepal Packages for you when you have a desire of taking part into the religious activities.

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