5 Challenges To Overcome While Redesigning Your Website

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26 Feb 2019 - General

While redesigning a website, the designers and developers must keep in mind about certain things to increase the conversion rate and website traffic.


According to research, 32% of the marketers are not happy with their website redesign results. You need to understand that every enterprise business comes with a different strategy, and needs specific revamp web development services that meet the demands of business.

So, after a careful study, I am successful to share with you these 5 steps that you need to consider while redesigning your website.

Check the speed of the site

49% of customers leave and move on another website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. A great website developer is one, who always take care of the speed of the site while redesigning a website.

Offer a user-friendly UX

A vast majority of customers leave the website if it is difficult to navigate and poor. So, while revamping a website, you must keep in mind that you are offering a user-friendly UX. Always think about the new design and discuss it with an expert and affordable website development company.


Data migration

To redesign a website requires a lot of investments and time. It involves non stop efforts of content creators to the IT department. You need to replace the CMS and create the architecture of current information again.

Scalable site

To get more customers and increase sales it is essential to make a website that is scalable to check the user engagement and traffic

Your website must be mobile friendly. Remember that 57% of customers hate a poorly designed website version. So, to make your website responsive and to find the best and advanced solutions for your business,  you must contact an expert and reliable corporate website solution.

A touch of personalization

Keep in mind that personalized message always attracts customers. 75% of online customers get irritated by seeing irrelevant content. This creates a very bad impact on your business ROI. So, try to give a personalized touch to your website and make sure the content on your website must be based on customer’s needs and interests.

I am sure, this article will be a helpful piece if you need any kind of information related to website revamping solutions.