Foods That Help Students In Memorizing

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27 Feb 2019 - General

The brain is at the centre of it all, without it functioning optimally, the human body is likely to dissipate and crumble into a shambolic state. Therefore, it perhaps becomes a necessity for individuals to keep up their cerebral stimulation to a peak working condition and it also becomes vital for them to provide the necessary fuel and nourishment to their brain cells for them to converge, forge new links and ameliorate their processing. Students, in particular, are cocooned and concealed in a cemented stress ball, whereby each force interacting with one another is toxic, emanating from lethargy and is slowly and steadily diminishing. It is a fact that students are constantly surmounted with a blinding, and an exhaustive amount of work, which therefore spews a sense of gloom and doom around them.

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Having said this, one facet of a student’s life we cannot simply refute or negate is their need to learn, unlearn some factions of knowledge and memorise content for their weekly tests and examinations. In such cases, the brain plays a crucial role, as it assimilates, absorbs and holds onto information for the student’s required academic endeavours. As a result, the student should take a proactive and hands-on approach, in boosting their cerebral stimulation, in nurturing and supporting their brain health and for this reason they should, therefore, consume nutrient-rich and brain-boosting foods. 

·         Eggs: In this fast-paced day and age, individuals are more prone to consume food, which requires little to no effort, and therefore their natural choice for consumption is packaged goods. A normal breakfast in the 21st century is usually cereal, protein bars or a packaged juice, an amalgamation of which are far from giving the student the same amount of nutrients that an egg could give. That being said, research stipulates that eggs contain a protein that helps in elevating the concentration and focus of the human brain, they support the process of building memory links, they are brimming with a complex range of vitamins, and are fulfilling. Therefore, students should try to incorporate them into their diet plan, they could try having a cheese omelette every morning, they could stick a fork into a sunny-side up, or they can chew on and relish buttery scrambled eggs.

·         Fish: It’s time to give your cheeseburgers and milkshakes a break, and bring in fish into your life. Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is known to build brain and nerve cells, it is essential for learning and memory, and it is also known to ward off memory-related ailments. As a result, students can start bringing fishes like salmon, trout or tuna into their diet staples, as they are also an excellent source of Vitamin D, which is important for bone health and growth. Hence, by eating grilled, fried or steamed fish, students are sustaining and supporting the process of improving their cerebral health, which shall aid them in memorising effectively and therefore performing distinctively in their academics.

·         Coffee: No wonder we chug down countless cups and mugs of coffee when pushing through sleepless nights and exhaustive memorization schedules. Coffee comprises two vital components, caffeine, and antioxidants, that are introduced into the brain capacity of the human body, and therefore they initiate the flow of energy throughout the body. Caffeine is known to unveil and wipe out the mask of lethargy and stupor that blinds your vision; it is known to increase alertness, improve the mood and sharpen the concentration level of the individual. Thus, have your freshly brewed cuppa coffee every morning, to provide it with the much-needed boost and revitalisation it requires.

·         Turmeric: Well, technically, it’s a spice, but it’s a great addition to your diet. The West is currently raving about turmeric lattes, and are rightful to do so. It is a spice which is typically added to curries, to give it that rosy-tinge and to add a different flair to the taste-buds, however, it holds onto several other benefits. Its key element, curcumin is a known anti-inflammatory agent and is a rich antioxidant, as it supports brain health, it supports the building of new memory links, it helps new brain cells to grow, and it reduces symptoms of depression. So, whip out your culinary prowess, and make yourself a warm and hearty curry, sprinkle the spice over salad, or simply start adding it to your bedtime milk drink.

The food ecosystem is the largest, and it only makes sense for students to extract and derive as many nutrients and favourable benefits that they possibly could. It is therefore imperative for the student in question to consume a diet, which is diverse in the sort of nutrition it provides, in the sort of flavour it provides and in the sort of nourishment, it replenishes within the body.