5 Website Mistakes That Lead To Shopping Cart Abandonment

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28 Feb 2019 - General

Have you ever thought why visitors on your website leave without buying anything?

Although you are offering high-quality products and services, still there is something that let your visitors away from your website.

Online shopping is the most glorious invention of this modern and busy era, that have made the life of people very easy. Now, people are able to shop online at home with very comfortable, so the demand for e-commerce management services is also getting high day by day.

But there are a lot of website problems that hinder in the way of a successful sale. So, what are the most critical issues that the website development services, are providing to the business owners?

In this article, I am highlighting that issues that customers have to face before they add anything to the shopping cart as well as mistakes that you have to avoid during the checkout process.

Difficult Registration Process

Most of the ecommerce stores websites, fail to get a successful sale due to having a long registration process. Just imagine that your customers have added some items on the cart and they are excited to complete their check out process. But they get stuck in a long registration process that requires to enter some personal information, confirmation of email address and sometimes verification of contact number. Now, what will happen?

They simply leave by getting irritated by putting a negative impact on your business sales.

Lengthy Checkout Process

Customers simply don't want to deal with long and never-ending questions. However, the majority of e-commerce stores contain several steps that directly lead to cart abandonment. This problem is very common in most of the best multi-store ecommerce platforms that are the cause to lose your customers as well as your sales.

Limited Payment Options

Another major problem that arises in most e-commerce stores is limiting payment options. By doing this you lose all the efforts that you have done to make your online store user-friendly for your customers.

No guarantee of Products

The absence of guarantee or security is also among the significant reasons for shopping cart abandonment. People are very conscious of the safety of their products. According to research, 17% of customers do not buy anything online if they do not get any guarantee or security.