Getting Ready to Age on Your Own Terms

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15 Mar 2019 - General

Modern-day talks about seniority are all about whether one should go into a facility or stay at home. The general tide is in favor of homes for seniors. Surely, there are reasons why opting for a senior home can be the right thing to do. The prime reason is definitely safety as these facilities offer 24/7 medical care that, not only keeps you safe but also keeps your family sleeping at night knowing that if anything happens to you, you’ll be taken care of. These places also offer a nice social aspect in the forms of Pilates, chess, cards and many other clubs that serve as great entertainment and chances to spend time with your peers. However, it is absolutely legitimate if you want to age inside your own home and here’s how and why.

Bacteria and infections

As we get older, our immune system weakens and we become more prone to bacteria and viruses. This is why a change of environment, such as going to a senior home, would be a shock to our organism and we would have many more sources of potential diseases there than inside our own home. Of course, you can work on building your immunity up, but some things just cannot be prevented.


If you’ve been living on your own so far, you probably want to keep it that way. Some families offer their senior loved ones to move to their own house. This can be exhausting and unpleasant to all parties involved. It’s natural to want to stay in your own home independently and not be forced to eat at a certain time, have limited movement and limited visiting hours. If you have concerns about your health or if you need any medical assistance, there are amazing in-home care programs that allow seniors to be as carefree as their peers living in retirement homes.


By staying at home, you continue to have your own freedom. That means your friends and family can visit you any time you like and you don’t need to wait or rush to be ready for visiting hours. It also means you can eat anything you like and whenever you like it. You can still join clubs if you have a hobby or you can sit at home and watch TV. You won’t have to fight for the remote or wait your turn for an activity. Your day can be organized any way you like and you won’t have a curfew, either.


Being retired, you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands. It is an opportunity to do all the things you always wanted but never had enough time to actually do them. You can knit, paint, write, play an instrument, sing in a choir or practice any light physical activities such as walking, exercising or some sport. You can also travel or dance. Enjoy your time and your freedom and do what makes you happy. You can make lunches on Sundays when the whole family gathers or you can make popcorn and organize game or movie nights or afternoons or absolutely anything you like.

Aging is a natural process and we all need to accept it with grace. It’s normal and it happens to everyone. So, there is no better recipe to embrace it with all the perks it brings. Of course, any period in life has its ups and downs, but let’s focus on the positive and try to make the most of it. Just do your best to take care of yourself or ask for assistance when needed and enjoy your seniority like you deserve to do.