Unbiased facts about SEO services

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15 Apr 2019 - General

If you think you’re well-informed about the services offered by Search engine optimization about its substantial success in the market, then you are totally wrong. Even after gaining its quick popularity in the digital world, there are many beginners who are unaware of some unbiased and clear facts regarding this concept.

Facts about SEO services

1) No penalization: Presence of duplicate content in your site does not lead to penalization when it comes to SEO services. If Google believes that your content is unique, it does not bother even if it is duplicate. Hence Google does not have a penalty for duplicate content.

2) Constructive page titles: Usually website developers focus more on the keywords and little less on the title of the content. They fail to detect that headlines and titles are the most important on-page elements in SEO. Having a productive page title serves big-time and increases visitors traffic.

3) Impactless rich snippets: For making a user to easily understand the information present on a website, rich snippets are used. But in search engine optimization, rich snippets are of no use. They almost have zero impact on your website’s rankings.

4) Low- content sites: You might have observed over these years that, almost all the top social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. are not content-based. Only You-tube and Wikipedia are the two platforms that are related to content. So this aspect somewhat proves that content is secondary when it comes to SEO services.

5) Maximum clicks: This news might be quite heartbreaking but the truth is that more than 75% of the visitors click on the top five results. Only 25% of the curious visitors dig into the other results for supplemental information.

With the constant change and growth of the SEO industry, new and unknown facts show up almost every day. So these were a couple of those unfamiliar and unbiased facts about an SEO company and its services that every individual must notice.

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